Race Horse & Barrel Racing Custom Mix

The more race horses you manage, the more difficult it is to keep track of multiple nutritional products. So, we now offer two of our most trusted and loved race horse formulas combined into one.

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Absolute Highest Quality Ingredients

Cheap ingredients are the least effective and do not achieve the results that professional performance horsemen rely on for success. We make it possible for you to get the Best Nutrients into a horse without needles.

U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade

USP Grade vitamins & minerals are more pure than most of the human supplements available online and on store shelves. USP is the absolute highest certification for purity in the world - and we only use USP Grade quality for any inorganic forms of minerals included in our formulas - because equine athletes need the same quality support as humans.

Amino Acid Chelated Minerals

These Organic chemical forms of minerals allow for the highest potency, absorbability and safety compared to all other forms - enabling all the benefits of mineral supplementation without taking chances on unnecessary toxic side effects.

Water Soluble Vitamins

ALL Studies show water solubilized forms of vitamins to be more effective and safer than all the cheaper fat soluble forms, and unlike our competitors, we use water-soluble forms whenever it's possible.

We Go

For 45 Years, amongst many successes across every category of equine performance, our company sponsored the 1984 U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team and Our Biochemist & Founder helped prep and train the team who brought home More Gold & Silver Medals than any other year in U.S. Olympic history - a record which still stands to this day.

Trainers at the highest level know they need the highest level nutritional support to unlock full  performance potential in a horse.

Healthier Horses
Naturally Perform Better.
Here's WhereWe Come In

Oxygen Buffering
& Building the Blood

Maximizing oxygen delivery to the muscles is critical for gaining competitive edge. Some horses are born with better blood oxygen buffering capability than others, but the right nutritional support always makes the biggest difference. #BloodBuffer

Achieving an above average red blood cell count helps ensure delivery of oxygen to (and other gases away from) the muscles. Pig Iron is dangerous, most consumer-grade blood builders are crap, and you need to do a lot better than that if you want an advantage. #BloodMax

If you naturally buffer blood oxygen levels, and build healthy red blood cells, muscles can perform at peak capacity.

Muscle Soreness, Tightness
& Inflammation Relief

When horses suffer from chronic soreness, inflammation builds up in the muscles, increases tightness, tissue scarring, chance of injury, and slows down athletic development over time.

Muscle soreness in horses is the primary obstacle to muscle development during and between workouts.

You can reduce and prevent muscle soreness naturally by fueling biochemical pathways which increase lactic acid turn-over into glucose for muscle fuel and with inflammatory support nutrients which also help tight muscles to relax. #Untie

Ulcer Relief, Digestive Support
& Hind Gut Health

Neutralize excess digestive acidity for horses on NSAIDS - to help prevent ulcers and digestive tract erosions.

Horses enduring the stress of competition also produce excess digestive acid, often on an empty stomach, which can aggravate and cause ulcers. Horses cannot perform well with ulcer pain or subsequent cramping, but Nutrient Buffer® liquid naturally and quickly corrects and stabilizes the pH of stomach while coating the inner lining.

Nutrient Buffer® HG (Hind Gut) alkalizes pH in the hind gut so the added micro-encapsulated probiotics can grow, reproduce and help re-establish the protective mucous membrane in the gut - also supplies vitamins and minerals to support immune health and restoration of intestinal tissue and function.

Building Muscle

Muscle tissue is made of protein, a performance horse has to eat enough to effectively build muscle, and we make the highest digestible protein feed supplement IN THE WORLD with the most diverse amino acid profile - and without using soy. #EquinePlusFeed

Muscle building and development both take longer when muscle soreness and inflammation get in the way. #Untie

Healthy blood during hard work and proper inflammatory support helps keep stress chemistry at bay, shorten recovery times and speed muscle development. #BloodBuffer #BloodMax

Enhancing Endurance

Some horses just can’t finish as strong as they should without nutritional adrenal support, and that’s why we made Solid Fuel® - an all-around premium multivitamin and multi-mineral supplement, and Electrolytes Plus™ - a pharmaceutical grade sugar-free, flavor-free, electrolytes supplement including complete and pure nutritional support.

AVOID the brown colored TM/Trace Mineral salt available everywhere - it is not balanced for adrenal compromised horses, and it usually contains significant amounts of inorganic iron which is known to compromise the liver. Horses on common blood building supplements which use inorganic forms of minerals are often diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and liver compromise.

Reduce Equine Stress

Manage a horses stress better with Sanity® a trusted natural equine calming focus supplement developed for horses who are nervous, irritable, hyper and hard work with. Great for trailering and training.

Ulcers and magnesium deficiencies often cause symptoms of nervous irritable behavior. #NutrientBuffer

Consistently enhancing blood oxygen levels during and after work also helps reduce stress over the long haul. #BloodBuffer

We also offer our 100% Pure B-Complex formula which, for some horses, can make the biggest difference in managing stress.

Horse Stalling, Hauling & Transport

Long distance travel is a particularly stressful experience for your most valuable horses, and extended stalling periods pose similar risks.

Lower the risk, by combining #NutrientBuffer and #Untie and dosing periodically along the way - it is everything we know how to do to naturally keep a performance horse's stomach, mind and muscles relaxed and protected on even the longest hauls and flights.

Stop Colic

A 3x dose (about 1 cup) of #NutrientBuffer liquid can help an impaction to pass by relaxing intestinal tissue, lubricating the intestinal tract and breaking up compacted digestive material.

Keeping a gallon in the fridge or freezer, for when a horse starts to look colicky has saved countless trainers and owners costly veterinary calls and surgery setbacks.


Blood Buffer

Formula 1 contains sodium bicarbonate and Formula 2 instead uses alternative buffers. These formulas are key to extracting the most from each work out, improving recovery times and are newly available online. Learn More

Blood Max

Everything modern science knows about building healthy blood in hard working horses. For decades, we sold this formula privately, it's super concentrated, veterinary grade, and works better than anything you can fit into less than 4 injectables. Learn More

Nutrient Buffer®

Neutralize excess acid which can lead to ulcers with the ONLY U.S. Patented natural upper gastric supplement ever developed. Not only does it quickly relieve stomach discomfort, it also supplies trace amounts of pharmaceutical grade magnesium which is only good for every horse. You can't use Omeprazole before a race, but you can use Nutrient Buffer®. Learn More

Nutrient Buffer® HG

The most reliable and the ONLY U.S. and Canadian Patented hind gut/lower gastric supplement for horses - also seen as the best EPM supplement. Nutrient Buffer® HG corrects the pH of the intestinal tract, supplies micro-encapsulated probiotics, USP Grade vitamins and minerals, and amino acids which help restore the lining of the gut and support healthy immune function. Learn More


Inflammation, muscle soreness, contracted tendons, enhanced flexibility, faster recovery times and more. Replenishes/replaces vitamins and minerals driven out by steroid treatments. A powerful and natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative stress and muscle relaxing formula. You can't use steroid treatments or NSAIDs before a race, but you can use Untie®. Learn More

Solid Fuel®

Some horses just can't finish like they should and benefit from complete natural nutritional adrenal support. Solid Fuel® is a premium wide spectrum concentrated multi-vitamin multi-mineral formula.

Feed or dose up to 4 scoops
the night before strenuous work, and again 3 hours before on the day of. Learn More


Manage equine stress with a trusted soothing, calming, focus supplement developed for nervous, irritable & hyper horses. This supplement is famous for working extra-well in chestnut mares, but it works in all horses and is also very good for trailering and stalling. Learn More

Micro-Encapsulated Probiotics

These probiotics are protected by a disolvable shell from digestive acids just long enough to reach the intestines. Micro-encapsulation helps ensure probiotics do not die in transit and actually make it to where we want them to go. Learn More

OFFSET DrugEffects


Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs are shown to increase upper gastric acid and cause ulcers. Excess digestive acid can be neutralized with Nutrient Buffer® liquid.


Studies show that steroid treatments drive out many essential vitamins and minerals from the body and you can quickly restore 8 of them with Untie®.

Ulcer Drugs

Studies show that H2 Inhibitors and Proton Pump Inhibitor ulcer drugs cause magnesium malabsorption and deficiencies - which can make a horse more prone to developing ulcers and behavior problems later on. Both Sanity® and Untie® provide large amounts of multiple forms of magnesium for horses.


Supplementing Probiotics for a horse on antibiotic and/or antiprotozoal therapies can improve digestion and absorption of nutrition.

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